Amy Penwell
(sometime in 07

My sister Stephanie and I had a major dork out session with photo booth again. We both lean toward the side of addiction with what ever we enjoy. Right now it’s photo booth. You can enjoy our latest geek frenzy on my “pictures page”. She brought my to 17 year old nephew Gage to my neck of the woods to see Rage Against the Machine and Public Enemy this weekend in San Francisco. He seems to be ever so slightly following in this little aunties foot steps. He too has a fire under his ass for music and loose leaf green tea. He too is getting his braces off, getting his drivers license, and going to art school his junior year of high school, we have the same nose, and yes, he too is going to see Rage for the first time around the age of 17. My momentary contemplation of going to the show was accompanied by a flash back…… It’s 1993. It’s an abandoned airport outside of Providence RI. It’s the second Lollapalooza and I am in a mosh pit at high noon. Rage is in mid set and everyone is screaming at the top of their lungs “FUCK YOU I WON’T DO WHAT YOU TELL ME”. I am in heaven.

I, being one of the few females in my immediate area feet naively secure for a moment…empowered even, amidst all these boys until some beefy, baseball capped chump smacked me on my size 42 inch wasted, Etne wearing ass. You might ask yourself was Amy a little chunky at 18? Well, not exactly. You see it was the early to mid- nineties. I had a thing for boys on skateboards (still do… I married one) and was dating one at the time, and wearing his cloths regularly. I still have the size 14 overalls he bought for me at Sears in 92′. For some reason he thought I looked hot in clothing that should have been used in a “before” shot. One that one would be held up with pride after losing 40lbs. ( I didn’t start wearing cloths that fit me until 98′)……..where were we….Oh yes, ass on the ground, dirt in the eyes and the probability of getting my head crushed. I was not so gracefully rescued by my boy at the time and we were quickly back to screaming obscenities with great joy and anger…..end of flash back.
Though it would appear that this is just another money making reunion festival I suspect that with the exception of reality television staring Flavor Flav all the bands should be up to par. Even though I almost lost my life the last time I saw Rage in SF a couple years later; they put on one of the most exhilarating, shows I have ever seen. Perfect for 17 not for this 33 year old girl who hates long lines in concert parking lots and drives a Volvo. Okay maybe, but I think i’ll sit this one out. As for my nephew I think he’ll be stoked on the ass kicking, on Zach jumping around like he has pogo legs while screaming his gloriously vengeful, George Bush hating anthems. Just another in a long line of rites of passage I get to share with him a little. I’ve moved onto narcissism in front of my computer with my sister ready for the highlights on You tube.

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